The One-Week Boudoir Challenge

| Lingerie

Yeah, it’s a thing. And it’s definitely on… or not, considering we challenged ourselves to wear peek-a-boo bottoms, strappy bralettes, and side-tie panties all weekday-long. We have five day’s worth of self-discovery notetaking and awkward NSFW texts exchanges (in the name of journalism, of course!) to prove that, yes, one week wearing boudoir under our everyday outfits, living our everyday lives was, in fact, a good idea. Spoiler: an open cup bra or an ouvert bottom in any situation, be it grocery store or happy hour, is definitely, emphatically, delightfully always a good idea.

So how does one exactly get caught wearing a teddy to the gym or side-tie panties to work? This might not be a surprise for any Journelle, but it started as a dare. A wouldn’t it be funny if… moment that grew incrementally more hilarious and real by the second. Were we actually going to do this? Yes. Yes, we were. Enter our Junior Graphic Designer Corina and our Marketing and Product Coordinator Georgette. We had five days and our lingerie drawers of naughty things to fully embrace the joie d’ouvert.

Monday: Corina in the gym’s locker room with the Journelle Natalia Bodysuit

Corina: When I first wore it, I felt super bad ass, but then, as I was walking down the street, things started to…shift, and adjusting in a super-casual-nothing-to-see-here while walking down the sidewalk is not so easy. But! Did I start walking down the sidewalk like En Vogue was playing behind me? Yes.

I had a workout class that night, and at the gym, I completely forgot that I was wearing Natalia. So when I was changing, many people gave me looks. Not weird looks— amazed looks. Some women even asked where I got it, and I felt like the coolest cat in the locker room.

Tuesday: Georgette at Happy Hour with the Marika Vera Patricia Peek a Boo

Georgette: You know those times when you get jostled at the bar because you just want one drink before Happy Hour ends? Yeah, you don’t let yourself get lost in the crowd because you feel very entitled that you made this big effort in selecting fancy panties for the day. That’s right other dude, nudging me out of my spot. Did you take an extra two-seconds this morning to choose your lingerie? That’s right. Step aside, bro.

Wednesday: Corina running for the train with Nippies Bristols Six

Corina: Running for the F train only wearing pasties… not fun. Thank god for my thick turtleneck sweater for protecting my goodies.

Georgette: You’re kind of everywhere when you wear nippies. Turn right? Your ladies go right. Left? Sudden stop? You feel all of that, especially with the tassels, which just swing around in the air, waving like they just don’t care. Tip— don’t squeak when you feel it happen. That lets everyone know.

Thursday: Georgette in the office with Hanky Panky Embroidery Side-Tie Bikini

Georgette: These are really cute bottoms. Should I practice my double knotting skills? Yes.

Corina: A whole day with these on under a skirt? I’d buy you a drink for just doing it.

Friday: Georgette walking around New York with the Journelle Cassandra Open Cup Bra

Georgette: Did I care that it might get a little nipply once I had this set on? Yes. And I kept changing my shirt to play it off, until most of closet was on my bed and I inevitably had to head out, but surprisingly, when I first put Cassandra on, I couldn’t help but feel sort of… perkier because of the wire. I didn’t have to worry about the cup fitting perfectly, because helloooooo ladies. They were straight on. Right. There.

Think of the wide-eyed emoji face. That was my boobs  all day, physically, but with the zest and attitude of the red-dress dancing lady emoji.

Final Field Notes

Georgette: By end of the week I was pretty much owning this whole thing, and by Friday, I pretty much had a “come at me” sort of confidence when I walked around. Frumpy doesn’t exist when you have these under each outfit. And slowly, I stopped caring if certain things would show under my outfits, and I started embracing myself more.

Corina: By end of the week, I felt very… cooler? A little bad-ass, but even more educated on confidence, and owning myself. I learned not to be intimidated by it. I used to see on the rack and just think, “oh my gosh, I could never…” but now I’m more open to it. I wear it even more.

by Georgette Eva