The (In)Active Trend with Yolke

| Lingerie

When we first saw the luxe, silk pyjamas from British brand Yolke, we couldn’t help but go heart-eyes over the lively prints, brilliant colors, and playful tailoring. From accent piping to a full-sequin PJ set, we knew we stumbled onto something special, bold, and comfy. What’s more, founders/friends Ella Ringer and Anna Williamson lead the charge on our favorite Winter-Spring-transitional-actually-do-it-year-round trend of outerwear pyjamas. We’re always trying to showcase our favorite undergarments when we head out the door, whether that’s a sheer blouse with our favorite lacy, black bra or a slip tossed on under a sweater, so when we saw how the Yolke Girl wore her PJs — Piling layers! Popping collars! Sporting statement jewelry and large accessories! — we immediately felt inspired to step up our game. Besides, who better to help than the Yolke ladies themselves? Check out Anna’s tips on our new favorite go-to outfit below.

What inspired Yolke? (the design philosophy and the name)

The name is quite a long story, but the quick version is it came from the name of the pattern piece on the back of a shirt.  It has various other connotations that we liked also, and it fit with the clean design aesthetic of the brand.

We keep calling PJs out on the street as inactive wear— as opposed to active wear. As much as we love the athleisure trend, we’re ready for this swap. Why do you think pyjamas should be our new go-to?

Both active wear and pyjamas are super comfortable, so you can see where the appeal comes from.  We use a stretch silk satin that makes our styles much more wearable for day. They don’t get horrible silk creases or pulls and you can treat the lounge pants like a track pant really.  In terms of making the swap, there is definitely a time and a place for both, but our pyjama sets don’t scream pyjama, so I would say they were a more dressed up alternative to sportswear.

Describe your personal style in 3 words.

Tailored, clean, lazy

Basic tips on building an outfit starting with the PJ set?

I’d start with a shirt and mix it in with your day to day wardrobe— pair with jeans or trousers.  It’s a nice intro into the trend.

Do you like to wear a full-on PJ set out and about? 

I mix and match a set almost daily. In the winter, I’ll wear our stretch silk shirts with a polo neck underneath and jeans for the office, and then I switch for the summer, wearing light weight stretch silk trousers and a tee.

I’ll wear a full set to a party with heels and a blazer.  This holiday season, we made sequin sets for that exact purpose and it took me through the festive season well!

What drew you to this season’s inspiration of Picasso and Matisse?

Ella had been given a beautiful book of Matisse’s collages last year.  She ripped out all the pages and put them all over her daughter’s bedroom walls and that’s where the theme started from.  As artists, they both had the most amazing use of colour and form and are a constant source of inspiration.

Okay, do you wear your PJs during the day, then just fall into bed or do you put on different PJs for sleeping? Are there two sets of PJs for the day then?

Definitely separate sets for sleeping and daywear!  I wear our classic style sets to sleep which have a wider leg, and we tend to make in more sleep friendly colours in prints.  For the day, I’ll wear our tapered leg style sets and embrace the prints in the collection.

Pyjama-chic at the office? Yeah or nay? (We’re thinking oh yeah…)

Yes, absolutely. It’s just about picking the correct pair for the situation!

What’s one necessary indulgence/simple extravagance you have?

Baths. I’ll regularly have two a day in the winter.

One basic do and one basic don’t of wearing inner wear as outerwear.

Do— layer it.  A poloneck underneath a shirt or a knit on top is great for winter or transitioning months.

No real don’ts but nothing ever looks good if you’re trying too hard.  If your pyjama shirt fits in with your wardrobe pieces and you feel comfortable in it then great, go for it! If not, just save it for bed…

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