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Call us old fashioned, but the only thing we could possibly love more than curling up with a good book in the evening is curling up with a good book in the evening…in our dressing gowns with a glass of wine at hand. Truth. Because of our ongoing Sancerre-fueled-love affair with the written word, we’re always on the lookout for our next new favorite read. A while back we were in a bit of a slump and we asked you what we should read next (and we were not at all disappointed…based on your multiple recs we snagged a copy of Zadie Smith’s Swing Time and devoured it before the week was up). What’s next? Here’s what we couldn’t put down and what we can’t wait to pick up this month.


We couldn’t put downPond by Claire-Louise Bennett. Full of exquisite details and the honest meditations of a woman in solitude (gorgeous trains of thought ranging from the profound to the bizarre), this gem of a book was less of a collection of short stories and more like a series of vignettes that felt as though we were teleported inside the minds of one of our best friends (you know, the one you always wish would tell you everything but is too beautiful and mysterious to ever indulge). We’ve never felt more weirdly and beautifully connected to a narrator whose name we don’t even know. It felt… honest. We loved it.

We can’t wait to pick upSlouching Towards Bethlehem by Joan Didion. Though we’ve read a lot of Didion, somehow this collection of essential essays has escaped us. Rooted in the chaos and upheaval of the late 60’s, it feels especially apropos right now. Anyone wondering what all the fuss is about should proceed right this way.

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