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Doing good feels good. This year marks our fifth year (!) partnering with the fabulous women at Free The Girls. One of our favorite non-profits, Free The Girls empowers women who have been rescued from human trafficking to start their own businesses selling bras in their local second-hand clothing markets while they recover and build their new lives. It’s simple and brilliant, and all it takes is compassionate connection… and a stockpile of gently used bras. This is where you come in.

This spring, bring in a sliiightly older bra (or six) to any one of our Journelle locations and you’ll get 20% off its replacement. It’s as easy as that. Doing good, feeling good, treating yourself. What’s not to love?


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17 Comments on "Journelle x Free The Girls"

  • Love that you guys do this! This is definitely a part of the reason why I started shopping at Journelle!

    By Ali -
  • So I just recently got a breast augmentation and was planning to throw all my old bras away and I have lots that have been used rarely if ever. I’m in Texas and can’t bring the bras into the store, but can I possibly send them in to benefit the program? I don’t expect any discount or compensation I was just planning on throwing them out and I’d much rather give some to a good cause.

    By Becca -
    • Hi Becca, We love your spirit. Unfortunately, we only can take donations in our stores in NYC+Chicago, but we definitely encourage you to take part of the Free the Girls program, which is very near and dear to our hearts. Check out their drop-off locations here ( to find one near you!

      By Georgette Eva -
  • What a wonderful cause. Will bring in all my wife’s bras, panties and G-strings.

    By Chris Verma -
    • Hi! We only take gently-worn bras for Free the Girls, but so happy you’re getting into the spirit of donating.

      By Georgette Eva -
  • I love your Free The Gurls initiative. Can I mail you bras? I have a bunch that are barely used.

    By Gabriela Miller -
    • Hi Claire! We take donations year-round, but with March being Women’s History Month, we definitely wanted to encourage and empower everyone to support Free the Girls now. Hopefully, we will see you in store soon!

      By Georgette Eva -
    • We unfortunately can’t take mail-in-donations at this time and only do the bra donations and discount through our brick-and-mortar stores. But we certainly encourage you to find a bra donation drop off from the Free the Girls website:

      By Georgette Eva -
    • Yes. Every time you donate in store (at our Chicago and NYC locations) you will receive the promotion of 20% off a new bra. We can’t wait to see you in store!

      By Georgette Eva -

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