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From that perfectly chilled glass of rosé at the earliest possible hint of summer’s warmth to fireside hot toddies the instant when October decides to start behaving like fall, we’ve always been highly attuned to the seasons when making our cocktail choices. Sure, we have our go-to faves (the old fashioned, the dark & stormy, the G&T), but even these have their time and place. And while this nutty springlike weather that’s making the trees on our blocks burst into bud so early certainly has deeper implications beyond what we’ll be pouring ourselves come cocktail hour, we definitely feel like we’re caught in some sort of libation limbo. What’s a girl to do? Reach for a classic, of course. Enter: the Champagne Cocktail. The deliciously simple “recipe” (chilled bubbly poured over a sugar cube soaked with a dash of bitters, garnished with a twist—or a brandied cherry, as we recently had at the Grand Central Oyster Bar) renders the perfect combination of fresh, light, celebratory, sophisticated, appropriately complex, and truly classic. Swoon. We’ll be slipping into our fresh, light, celebratory, sophisticated, appropriately complex, and truly classic silk Asceno Blush Stripe Modern PJ Top + Shorts, popping a bottle or two, and sitting by our open windows with our radiators running full steam ahead waiting to raise our glasses to spring. 20170125_BLOG_Post_DrinkDelicate

Classic Champagne Cocktail

Dry bubbly of your choice
Sugar cube
Angostura Bitters (or bitters of your choice, we also love this)
Lemon twist (or a Luxardo cherry)

Drop the sugar cube into your champagne flute/coupe, douse it in bitters, make a small pour of bubbly over it (the sugar and bitters will make it foam up more than usual), top off the glass, garnish, et voila.

Champagne cocktail img from here.