A Twist on a Classic with Kriss Soonik

| Lingerie

When we sat down to collaborate on the Kriss Soonik for Journelle Boy Beater we weren’t sure what was in store. Kriss has an eye for creating killer loungewear—or loungerie as she puts it—along with a natural knack for towing the line between streetwear and sleepwear. Some of our favorite bodysuits from her latest season range from a perforated leather textile to a light-as-air blouson silhouette. Every piece is playful with a wink at daring, while still being oh-so-wearable, so when Kriss met Journelle (romcom plot definitely in the works), we knew we wanted something classic with a bit of the unexpected. The result? A super soft ribbed tank with a sinfully lace-covered bum for a little dose of skin, and a bold keyhole in the back to compliment the shoulder blades. Top it with Kriss Soonik’s signature bow and voíla! Comfy, chic, and a little naughty. It’s our favorite go-to transitional piece, perfectly wearable for work or play (with a few costume changes).

Get some outfit inspiration from how the Journelles rock the Boy Beater below, and learn more about Kriss Soonik’s design, her favorite hang in NYC, and how she’d rock the bodysuit herself.

Describe the Kriss Soonik girl.

She is an independent individual, fun-loving and courageous.  She doesn’t take things too seriously and doesn’t care what others think about her.  She loves fashion, loves to dress for herself and always looks for fun and unexpected twists in her outfits.

What inspired you to revamp the classic beater into the Boy Beater bodysuit with Journelle?

It has been a plan for a long time! I am thrilled it has finally become alive! I love taking a classic, popular, piece and giving it a new edge. We’ve given the bodysuit a feminine touch with the lace-bottom detail while keeping the overall look still rough.

What’s your favorite way to wear the Boy Beater?

Basics don’t have to be boring! I think this piece is a great alternative to a regular tank top or bodysuit. My favorite way to wear the Boy Beater is with an A-line skirt and cropped leather jacket.

Favorite way to wear lounge/lingerie out and about?

I think it’s all about statement pieces. Mixing your robe, a suspender top, or lace bodysuit into your daily wardrobe makes it fun and sexy!

What’s your sartorial signature? (aka something on you at all times)

My watch. Got it from my parents when I graduated university.

Favorite hangouts when you’re in NYC?

I’m a junkie for views! And I don’t get tired of the NYC skyline. So you’ll probably find me hanging on different rooftops.

When you’re not creating loungerie you might be found…

In nature. Forests, deserts, beaches— anything goes.

How do you make everyday lovely?

Wear beautiful lingerie, think positive and smile.

Check out the Kriss Soonik for Journelle Boy Beater here.