PJs at Work? Yes, Please.

| Lingerie

It’s no secret that when it comes to office-appropriate-outfits at lingerie headquarters, we Journelles have a bit more flexibility. We’re talking harnesses peeking out from our tailored button downs, silk blouses that are juuust sheer enough to show-off that weekend lingerie splurge, and on Fridays…well, we go bold and we go lacy. Peeks of chemises, stockings, or a fun bra strap are all occasionally part of our day-to-day, but one of our favorite go-to’s this season are PJs. At first glance, we see a luxury me-time downtime outfit, coal mask and cashmere blanket not included, but upon closer inspection this classic staple has everything we want from gorgeous separates (and then some). We can’t help but feel inspired by the luxe silk or crisp cotton and clean tailoring and graphic piping around collar, cuffs, and breast pockets. Give it two tweaks— swap the bottoms for slim legged pants, change the slippers to sneaks, or throw on a blazer over the set and boom. We like to call it Inactive Wear, because who doesn’t like the idea of tumbling, perfectly tousled, out of bed and heading right out the door?

Our picks for impeccable PJ dressing? Check out our inspiration and choices below.


The Journelle Garbo PJ set with bold piping is perfect under boucle cardigans.


The Olivia Von Halle Coco Luisa Pajama Set drapes easily with a silk knot and loose braid.


The Yolke Humming Bird shirt and tapered trouser is all the print we need.


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