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Obsession: Why does it always happen that we never tell the people in our lives we love the most to us just how much they mean to us? We know we should, but it can be…hard. That’s why we’re kinda obsessed with Tribute, a new app that’s like a super-modern version of passing around a VHS camcorder at someone’s wedding. We’ll always be 100% in favor of anything that makes it easier to shower the people you love with love, right?

Confession: Is it meant to be? Should we call it quits? WHAT DID THAT TEXT MEAN. Ahh, relationships. Though we’ll always defer to our tried and true method of hashing out our love affairs (“drinking a bottle of wine with our best girlfriends at a perfectly/dimly lit locale and going over every. last. detail. until we close the place down”), we’re also sort of intrigued by “Stay or Leave“, a deck of cards that’s intended to help you figure out whether a relationship is working (or whether it’s time to vamoose). Maybe we’ll bring it to the bar.

Have a gorgeous weekend, darlings.


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