Love Letters + Tom Hanks Movies with Caleb Petersen

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It’s almost our most wonderful time of the year, darlings, and we absolutely-definitively-excitedly cannot wait the week and a day (and counting) left before Valentine’s Day. Fresh flower surprises finding us when we least expect it, cheeky-sweet gifts to our best gal pals, and all the chocolate you can want? We’re crossing off the days with glee, but of course, we do understand if you’re still debating dinner reservations or putting those finishing touches on those handmade Valentines. It’s easy to get wrapped in all of the planning but sometimes it’s best to keep it simple, which is exactly the way Caleb Petersen sees it. Caleb is an NYC real estate magic-maker (we first met him when we were scouting locations for what turned out to be our SoHo store), so no surprise he’s all about the big picture. And since anyone who’s ever tried to find an apartment knows that navigating the NYC real estate scene can be as stressful as getting reservations at Le Coucou, in love as in real estate, we think this Hawaiian native’s surfer mindset also is perfectly applicable when it comes to V-day: ride the romantic holiday like a wave.


Valentine’s Day: love it or leave it?

Love it. Keep it simple and not over-the-top romantic. Don’t get me wrong, it’s an absolute minefield for us to keep it special and romantic all at the same time. It’s not easy. Plan ahead, avoid the bric-a-brac sold in your local drugstore— cards, stuffed animals, cheap chocolates— and you’ll come out unscathed.

Give us your best ice breaker/first line/cheesy pick-up line?

As a married man, I can thankfully say those days are over. But how did I actually convince some amazing woman to marry me? It didn’t start with a cheesy pick up line. I suggest keeping it simple. Compliment her, be genuine, and always come off with confidence and a smile.


What movie best describes your romantic style?

You’ve Got Mail. I fell in love with my wife over long emails while she was traveling through Europe. And who doesn’t love a Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan combo?


Robert Redford famously said, “Humor. Skill. Wit. Sex appeal. That order” when describing his ideal woman. What’s yours?

I have to agree with the Sundance Kid on this, and any man that finds all four should count his lucky stars.

Where does the perfect night take you?

It takes me to a perfect morning, waking up with my beautiful wife by my side.


Caleb’s lovely picks: Journelle Clarisse Chemise, Bordelle Nami Guipure Ouvert Wire Bra, and the Fleur of England Dare Suspender Belt.