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This month, Pisces, we’re taking a cue from one of our favorite undersea philosophers. As the wise finned one once said: flipping your fins you don’t get too far, legs are required for jumping, dancing. In short, isn’t it high time you stood on your own two feet and joined the dance party? If you’ve been sitting idle, letting others do the brave leaping, or generally letting things pass you by in the current, now is definitely the time for standing up and saying “this is what I need.” This time of transition is ripe for taking care of yourself without apology and for turning your personal tide. Sometimes this can be as simple as a shift in perspective (ask yourself: is what I’m doing for me? or for what someone else thinks I should be doing?) and sometimes this is as radical as taking major action and enacting serious change (it miiiight finally be time pull the trigger and ditch that super-toxic friend). The takeaway? A little self-care can go a long way towards making sure you’re making your own waves and not just swimming in someone else’s stream.

Lingerie horoscope: Self-care can take many forms, and it’s up to you this month to define just what that means for you, Pisces… but let’s just say that a splurgey treat, something dangerously comfortable for your downtime, or something that’s lovely just for the sake of being lovely is never a bad idea. Need more guidance? We’ve got Pisces’ star-crossed lingerie drawer right here.

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