Lingerie Rules: Valentine’s Edition

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While we’d like to think of ourselves (and our black leather jackets back us up on this) as wild child heartbreakers who aren’t afraid of a little misbehavior, if we’re being honest, we’re usually the kind of women who believe that most rules are there for a reason. And we’re not talking about “no skinny dipping in the rooftop pool after midnight” type rules (because that one is obviously meant to be broken), but we’re talking about the kind of rules that transcend style and fashion, temptation and trend, and instead focus on universal truths. Truths like: “never love anybody who treats you like you’re ordinary,” “kindness is brave,” and “everything is better in a silk dressing gown.”  In honor of Valentine’s Day, we have a few must-follow rules up our lacy sleeves to help make this most romantic of holidays the best one yet.

Rule #13: You can never go wrong with a beautiful nightgown.

Just like good bedside lighting and high thread count sheets, a gorgeous chemise is the kind of thing that all women *should* be treating themselves to but, occasionally, have a hard time acknowledging that it’s worth it. You spend half of your time in bed, more if you’re lucky…shouldn’t you use every (stunning) tool in your arsenal to make the most of that time?

Rule #119: “Sexy” is more about feeling comfortable in your own skin than anything else.

Our years of fitting room experience have given us a very intimate view of many, many women. In fact, we’re willing to bet we’ve probably seen more naked women than anyone we know. This is a universal truth: it does not matter how “perfect” the body is, “sexy” is a state of mind. From legit famous models who get paid to be gorgeous to our bffs to perfect strangers, the “sexiest” people we’ve ever seen are those who are comfortable in their own skin, who stand up straight, own their bodies, and only wear things that make them feel truly fabulous. For you, maybe that’s a wide-open boudoir bra, maybe that’s a buttoned up silk PJ set, maybe it’s nothing more than a wink and a smile. Whatever it is, find it and flaunt it.

Rule #48: One word: Stockings.

There is nothing that feels as effortlessly decadent as thigh-high stockings. We’ll leave whether or not you go with the classic stockings-and-garters combo (which is a pleasure to wear for yourself and even more fun when you let someone else in on the secret) or the jaw-dropping stay-up (which, true to its name, stays up without any additional architecture) up to you, but if you’ve never worn a pair of thigh-highs out on the town, it’s a powerful sensation we can’t recommend enough.

Rule #22: Pay attention.

This one’s for the guys. While you might think that there’s nothing sexier than a late-80’s-Kathy-Ireland-hi-cut-thong, if you’ve never seen her wear anything like that, that’s going to come across as totally ridiculous and like you don’t “get her” at all. And tbh, she’s probably right. Pay attention to what she wears, what she likes, her favorite colors, things that make her crazy, when and where her favorite books and movies are set, her style icons…and then go from there. It’s really not that hard and the benefits totally transcend finding the perfect Valentine’s Gift. We’d go so far and be so bold as to say that paying attention to these little details, learning their little petite choses, is actually the best part of loving someone.

Rule #245: While it is sometimes better to give than to receive, it’s always best to give fully to yourself.

In short: treat yourself. Don’t get hung up in expectations of what your “dream day” should look like and then hope it happens for you (and inevitably get super bummed if it doesn’t). Decide what you want and make it happen for yourself. This could mean taking yourself out to dinner, giving your SO explicit instructions, celebrating your #girlsquad, or the easy generosity of treating yourself to something you truly desire. Gratify that.

Rule #10: Have fun.

Is that cheesy? Whatever. The whole point of this thing (life, lingerie, conversation hearts, fresh flowers, falling in love, Valentine’s Day…the whole shebang) is to live as fully, honestly, and as beautifully as possible, right? Don’t take anything (including yourself) too seriously and, for goodness sake, if it’s not fun, don’t do it.