Happy Valentine’s Day

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How do we really feel about Valentine’s Day? Some would say “hopeless romantic” but, honestly, we prefer “magical realist.” We like to think of this “most romantic of holidays” as an opportunity, a day of a thousand possibilities made available to us by just saying “yes,” a chance to acknowledge that there is real magic in the world if we just let our guard down and give it a chance. Maybe that’s a lot to ask from what some people consider to be a faux-liday based on candy sales? We say: bew to that (and, really, let’s be honest, who doesn’t love candy??). There are enough days in the year to be cynical and enough reasons every day to get downtrodden, why not make Valentine’s Day a day to let that go, to celebrate love in all of its glorious forms, to honor your dear friends who share the warmth + light of their hearts with you, to celebrate yourself (and acknowledge that you could probably stand to love yourself a little more too), and to tell those people who make your heart race and and give you butterflies, who make you feel like the best version of yourself and who give you heart eyes, who take care of you and who are your soft place to land just how much they mean to you…Today is a day for that. And, you know, for lingerie. Duh. However you choose to celebrate this Valentine’s, darlings, let us say this: may your days always be full of love and may you take every opportunity to revel in that.

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