Behind Closed Drawers with Melanie of Mini Melanie

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When we first laid eyes on the colorful, jewel-shaped truffles and whimsical cakes from Mini Melanie, the phrase “too pretty to eat” came quickly to mind. With luster-dusted chocolate coatings, crushed sprinkled toppings on drizzled ganache, and a rainbow-layered red velvet cake right before us, we definitely had to pause, forks still poised to our lips, and snap a pic or two before taking that first decadent bite. We spent a sugar-infused morning poking around Mini Melanie’s Brooklyn-based kitchen with founder and sugar sister Melanie Moss, the brilliant pastry mind behind pops of flavors like her salted caramel blondies or the scrumptious cookies ‘n fudge cream— which we couldn’t help but savor with closed eyes and low hums of pleasure. There’s always room for dessert in Melanie’s books (even if it is only 9 o’clock in the morning), and as we took another bite of a white chocolate truffle, we couldn’t help but agree more.


Name: Melanie Moss

Day job: Pastry Chef & Founder at Mini Melanie

Necessary extravagance: Haircut at Blackstones

Simple indulgence: Epoisses cheese from Murray’s20170209_BLOG_Post_BCD_MiniMelanie_5

What makes your heart race? Happy customer testimonials

On your bedside table: Udderly Smooth cream, my Kindle, lots of pens and my diary, and a small candle

Favorite dive (Champagne’s well and fine but everyone loves a dingy dive bar sometimes): Blue & Gold Tavern on East 7th Street

What’s the most badass thing you do in your day to day worklife? I can lift 100 pounds of flour or sugar


Most prized possession: Our kitchen’s brand new Blodgett double oven

What items can be found on you at all times? Clementines, Anker battery charger, sample boxes of Mini Melanie truffles— you never know who you might meet!


How’d you find your life’s calling? I started baking with my grandmother when I was really young, and my love of being in the kitchen and creating beautiful, tasty things for family and friends never went away as I went on to college and then an office job. It took going back to school to obtain my culinary degree and working in professional kitchens to realize that this was definitely where I should be, and I’ve never looked back. Since starting Mini Melanie, I’ve found a calling even beyond the kitchen. I love the day-to-day of leading our awesome team and the challenge and excitement of growing the business.

Best advice you’ve ever received? Tune out the noise. When you start your own business, everyone will tell you what you should be doing and what you’re doing right or wrong. That’s all well and good, but trust your instincts, while you absorb these pointers from family, friends and mentors.20170209_BLOG_Post_BCD_MiniMelanie_6

Favorite part about working with desserts? Dessert is indulgence in and of itself. I love getting to know customers’ preferences and blowing them away and exceeding expectations.

Favorite flavor you’ve conceptualized? I’m always amazed by how I can’t resist one of our chocolate cake truffles (Mia). It’s simple and decadent and hard to beat.

Always/Never: Always save room for dessert. Never say “no” to just a little bit of chocolate every day.

How do you keep everyday lovely? By surrounding myself with great, inspiring people at work and in my personal life.