Wishes + Hopes for the New Year

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Though we always love to celebrate our fabulous/theatrical/outrageous sides, when it comes to our New Year’s resolutions we usually tend towards the practical: exercise more, indulge in less pastries, read more, get a new robe, etc. This year, though, we’re really feeling like 2017 requires something different, something that takes a step back from the theatrical and yet transcends the practical. Something, perhaps, a little simpler, more spiritual, a little less focused on how we’re measuring up to our eternal quantifiable #goals and more focused on how we’re measuring up to our shared sense of humanity. The time just seems right. So this year, in lieu of gym memberships and new planners, here are our real life resolutions:

Make time
Indulge more
Fret less
Breathe deeper
Be fierce
Be gentle
Be present
Live with intention
Just say yes

What are your hopes for the New Year, darlings? Whatever yours may bring, we wish you nothing but the best, always.

ps. we also still might get that new robe, though.

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