Talking all Night with Brian Gallegos

| Lingerie


One of the major perks of working for a women-led company like Journelle (besides the endless parcels of hot-off-the-presses lacy lovelies that regularly get opened and tried on in-office, of course) is the collective lady-expertise of our team. It’s like having an ever-present girlgang to field questions, help navigate dilemmas, and to weigh in on tough decisions. We consult our squad on everything from “should we all have champagne with lunch?” (yes) to “is this harness too much to wear under our button down” (no). The girls have never let us down. Sometimes, though, we need to diversify, to hear a different perspective. That’s when we turn to our very own chivalrous-dude-in-residence, Brian Gallegos. The man who makes sure that all of those lacy lovelies make it from that much-coveted-box in our office all the way to Brian is also (dare we say?) a true romantic and a gentleman of the old school. Obviously, on the eve of Valentine’s Day, we wanted to get his take on life, love, and, of course, his very unique perspective on living the lingerie life.


Valentine’s Day: love it or leave it?

From a romance standpoint, I love it. While true “romance” is shown in the daily, unexpected acts of love, I think Valentine’s Day raises the bar a little bit. The pressure for the guy is higher. It forces us to get creative, to plan, and to make it a uniquely fun day for that special person in our lives.

What movie best describes your romantic style? Why?

Wow, that’s a tough one. I’m sure there’s a stock list of romantic films to choose from but I’d have a difficult time figuring out where to start. Maybe the film 300. I like going out of my way for someone else’s well being. To put in the extra effort and sacrifice. To be someone else’s hero. Yeah, I dig that.


What’s your best Valentine’s Day and what made it so special?

The first Valentine’s Day with my wife, Joanna. I’m one lucky guy to have her.

Date planning: off the beaten path? Or old school?

Old school. For sure. Dinner, coffee, cocktail hour, that kind of thing. Firstly, asking in person or over the phone is key. Let the spontaneity of an actual conversation flow and see where it takes you both. Second, plan the date. Finally, be on time (early), open doors, stand up when she gets up from the table, and give her an unexpected compliment.


Robert Redford famously said, “Humor. Skill. Wit. Sex appeal. That order” when describing his ideal woman. What’s yours?

Confidence. Wit. Style. The combination of those three is sex appeal.

Where does the perfect night take you?

The perfect night starts at hello and only ends when there is nothing left to say. If there’s more to say and you can’t wait to get the words out, then who says the night has to end?


Brian’s (super romantic) picks: Journelle Francesca Garter SkirtJournelle Bianca Teddy,  and the Fleur of England Supernova Boudoir Bra.