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Obsession: It’s that time of year again! The time when the overactive radiators in our apartments start freaking out, super-heating, clanging, hissing, and generally giving our skin a lizard-like desert dryness that makes us want to move to Palm Springs and lie on a rock all day (maybe we should just do that anyway?). While our solution to this epic seasonal dryness has always been to slather on lotion like it’s going out of style, this year we upped our game and got one of these super-stylish, unassuming, design-minded bottle humidifiers. Obsessed. All of a sudden we’re feeling more like a queens of the humid amazon than Priscilla, Queen of the Desert. Now, about that trip to Palm Springs…

Confession: If you’re anything like us (and we’re the kind of people who believe that one should have a cotton kimono—for getting out of the shower, a silk dressing gown—for getting ready, AND a cashmere robe—for getting all the things you deserve in life), you find the idea of purging your closet to be akin to torture. But sometimes one must come to terms with the fact that no matter one’s intentions when purchasing those two-sizes-too-small Rachel Comey culottes at the sample sale, they are now taking up valuable closet space. Space where more robes might go. Once you purge, though, then what? Our sad sack of sample-sale-lusts and ex-boyfriend t-shirts has been sitting by our apartment door for weeks now. Enter: Amazon’s new partnership with Goodwill, which provides a free shipping label to send your old, empty Amazon boxes full of donations to your nearest participating thrift store. Brilliant.

Have a beautiful weekend, darlings.


p.s. did you know our Semi Annual Sale just got a little realer? Deeper discounts and new markdowns, dangerously fabulous.

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