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Obsession: We’ve been residents of our gorgeous, tempestuous city for long enough to see some of our bestest friends come and, then, sadly, eventually, go. Whether called by a dream job, true love, or an epic wanderlust, when our dearest ones move to far flung locales it can be hard to maintain the same kind closeness that comes when you’re just a block away from your BFF (and your fave cocktail place of all time is right in the middle). We’re loving this breakdown of simple ways to keep in touch with those lovelies who we wish we were closer to.

Confession: While everyone’s stories from Jamaica (seriously, is everyone on some-island-that’s-better-than-Manhattan right now??) are jamming up our feeds, this article is empowering us to take matters into our own hands, scratch that travel itch, and pull the trigger on booking that trip already (and still have moola left over for champagne and lingerie, natch).

Have a beautiful weekend, darlings, wherever you may be.