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_BLOG_Post_AquariusWell, Aquarius, if 2017 feels like it’s gotten off to a slow start…it’s because it has. Have you been feeling a little stuck, a little off, a little…meh? Does it seem like no matter how many lists you make and articles you read about “starting the year off right!” you just can’t seem to get in a groove? Though you are exceptionally good at taking ownership of your actions (something we love about you, Aquarius), this time it’s totally not your fault. Mercury in retrograde at the beginning of the month transitioned directly into a major ice and slush-fest that made it more than a little difficult for your fabulous new stack heeled booties to gain any traction at all. As one accustomed to being her own boss and making things happen on her own terms, this period of seeming inaction may have felt like sheer agony, but never fear, it’s coming to an end. The sun has just moved into your sign, Aquarius, a New Moon is due next week, and you’re all set to burst onto the scene with all the joy and glittery force of a just-popped champagne cork. Water bearer? This time you come bringing bubbly, just as it should be.

Lingerie horoscope: though you usually gravitate towards streamlined classics (think: pared down cottony PJ’s), this transition back into personal power calls for bringing in the big guns. We recommend fierce full sets, statement-making colors, and unexpected show-off details. You’ve earned it.

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