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Real talk: it’s crunch time. We can’t blame you for waiting this long to really get into the holiday spirit—decking the halls takes time (which some of us just. can’t. spare. when there’s a festive fête or some mistletoe to be caught under)—but more than those hot toddies by a roaring fire or even that rain of tinsel all over the tree, what makes that special holiday feeling really hit home is finding that exact right gift for those special someones in our lives. Our hearts go aflutter as much as the next gal’s as we tie bows, sign glittery cards, and (best of all) keep the contents of those artfully be-ribboned gifts under wraps. Ahhhh, the anticipation.

And while we love giving almost as much as we love receiving, we also know that there comes a time when the pressure is on. Pressure to find that utmost perfect gift, the one she never saw coming, the one that will knock more than her socks off. That kind of pressure? Kind of takes the fun out of it. So. We’re here to make this easy so you can sit back with that toddy, surrounded by tinsel, and toast yourself for being so clever. The time is nigh, the hour is upon us, and, if you need more guidance, here you go:

What to get when you don’t know the bra size?

34B, 32DD, 34C? We always love helping significant others find the perfect matching set, but we also know that the guessing game of bra size is all too real. If you’re feeling daring, you can always delve into her lingerie drawer when she’s not looking to see the size she wears, or you can opt to get a lovely lacy bralette or bodysuit. These pieces are often sized S,M,L, which is way easier to nail down. Our pick: the Journelle Bianca, which, with the peek-a-boo panels and open back is just as sexy (if not more so) as a classic demi. Also, if she’s shopped with us before, we may have her sizes and preferences on file. Just reach out, our lingerie-loving elves are here to help.

What’s another stocking stuffer?

Slippers. As much as we love socks in our stockings, we suggest you take that to the next level and go for some foot cuddling slippers, like the Arlotta Classic Cashmere Slides. Who doesn’t want warm, toasty toes while they marathon watch It’s a Wonderful Life all day? These are seriously indulgent, just like all good presents should be.

What’s something that will make her feel gorgeous?

Go all out. It’s the holidays, so why not? Treat your boo to a full-on set with the bra, bikini, garter, and stockings. Gift something that will make her feel daring and fun—our fave is the Journelle Francesca, which brings its own gold sparkle and has a garter skirt perfect for a little playful twirling. They say it’s the thought that counts and this kind of big-deal gorgeousness shows you’ve been thinking dangerously lovely thoughts.

What do you put in the big box?

You knew about the big box right? The last gift left under the tree when the paper is done flying and the bows are all untied? The pièce de résistance? We got you. Give silk PJ’s, like our lovely Journelle Caron set. Silk while you’re sleeping is luxury at it’s finest, and these elevate “doing nothing” to “luxuriating”. Bae will definitely thank you.

When all else fails…

Gift card. Duh. Give the gift of treating yourself. That’s the gift that keeps on giving really, and, it always fits. Delivered to your inbox ASAP.

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