What Are You Wearing New Year’s Eve?

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We don’t consider ourselves to be particularly superstitious. Sure, we’ll always let someone else pour our sake for us, we won’t pick up a penny if it’s tails up, and we won’t open an umbrella inside (because, duh). But we don’t go out of our way to avoid cracks in the sidewalk and if we break a mirror we’re usually just glad it wasn’t the super flattering one. This year, though, just in time for New Years, we’ve recently been made aware of a widespread superstition that actually appeals to our mystical sensibilities AND our deep seated belief in the power of lingerie: what color underpinnings you wear on New Years Eve can bring luck, love, or more for the rest of your year. Apparently this new-to-us tradition is well known around the world, and just like blowing out our birthday candles, making a wish (and not telling anyone!) we’re willing to take a superstitious gamble. After all, you just never know what might be possible when this level of underpinnings is in play. Here’s a breakdown on what each color bottoms will supposedly bring so you can get your resolutions in order too.




Like Valentine’s Day, like a bold lip, like the salsa dancer emoji, red bottoms will bring passion and love for the new year. More reason to sport something red-hot for when the ball drops? You never know who that midnight kiss might be. Our pick: the lovely, lacy Journelle Romy Bikini.




We’re thinking fields of sunflowers, the clink of golden bracelets, and maybe a dash of the gilt embroidered threading in the Journelle Francesca set. Yellow (or gold) is the color of luck and prosperity for the new year. Are you hoping to turn things around? Maybe your resolution is to be a boss lady or just to take a risk. We recommend wearing these sunny, lacy bottoms from Hanky Panky. We’re not saying it’s foolproof, but nothing embraces the power of positive thinking like bold yellow skivvies.




If you’re hoping to make it rain this year, we’re thinking green is the right color for you. Whether your resolution is to make moves up the career ladder or if you’re ready to put down an investment on something big (diamonds, real, estate, or even just a full matching set?), go ahead and put those vibes out there. Who knows what the return investment will be. Our pick for a bull market: the Blush Sweetest Sin Hipster.





After the whirlwind of holiday shenanigans, we’re betting that indulging in some much needed calm + serenity is probably right up your alley. If you’re feeling like some self-care is in order, a pair of blue bottoms is perfect for your mellow countdown to midnight. Whatever your plans, the Else Coachella High Waist Brief will have you all set for getting your chakras all in line. Om.



Every year brings on new trials and fresh successes, and while each new “adventure” may bring new worries, we always feel most empowered when we’re taking control of our own destinies. White is a sign of peace + power for the new year. For bringing inner zen to your own daily and that of the world around you, we’re going with the Bordelle Sensu Thong.

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