We’re Making Our Lists (And Checking Them Twice)

| Lingerie

Whether you’re out on the town crossing off your gift list for your nearest and dearest or sneaking a little you-time amidst the candy canes and silver lanes that glow (we obviously fully support treating yourself if you just happen to find yourself the perfect little somethin’-somethin’ while shopping for mom and big sis—p.s. we have a gift guide for them too), keep in mind that you may be being watched, that there just might be someone out there making a list and checking it twice. It’s always a good idea to gauge where might you fall in the Big Guy’s graces. Naughty by nature? Or sugar-and-spice-nice? Maybe a little in between? No need to fret, we’ve come up with the best way to determine which list you’ll land on. Make your choices and move down the chart to see. Naughty or nice, you won’t find any lumps of coal here.