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By this time of year, the festivities are starting to die down, all of the gifts are wrapped and ready to go, and it’s just you with your feet propped up in the cozy knitted socks you gave yourself, staring lazily into the twinkling lights of the tree, it’s lovely to take a minute to just reflect over the year. This one has been a doozy, and while there were times we wanted to blame Mercury in Retrograde, we can at least come away from this year with more purpose, a wiser perspective, passion from those around us, and inspiration from those moments that took our breaths away. Our favorite lady disc jockey, C.C. Sheffield, captured those feelings in this Peaceful Holiday Playlist to a T. With some downward dog, a little bit of shopping for the girls, and chatting over our fave family traditions, C.C. showed us how to sit back and find our inner peace this holiday season.


How do you find your own inner peace during the chaos of the season?

Yoga is my favorite thing. I love the challenge of quieting my mind, while making my body strong. Also, I love the concept of the blood soaking joints while in positions that squeeze and release in poses like pigeon and mermaid. The differences I feel from when I started practicing a year and half ago to now is phenomenal.  My yoga practice evolves on and on. It’s an exploration of  how to get flexible and strong. Very much how we should be in life and in our minds.

I love Yen yoga. A lot of people who haven’t enjoyed this type of yoga should try it. The concept as I understand is supported long held gentle poses that you can relax into. The time spent in these postures is much like time spent in meditation, and the teacher talks you through the postures as if you were trying to meditate.

I go to a Yen Yoga class on Sundays and it’s candle lit and a Reiki practitioner works on the students during the class. I highly recommended “zen yoga” at Yoga Works LA. My yoga Insta is Coffee, Yoga, Grind.

Best part about the holidays?


Favorite holiday tradition? 

When I was little, we would unpack the box of our traditional family ornaments. Inside we would find the family’s predications or goals from the year before. They would be silly or wildly off or creepily on the nose. It was like our family’s fortune cookie every year.

What are your go-to for gifts for your girlfriends?

I feel like a beautiful scented candle, a bottle of champagne, and the Champagne Wishes and Caviar Dreams sleep mask is the cutest. It’s the kind of gift you could give to the Holly Golightly in your life.

Want to channel these zen-holiday-party-vibes? C.C.’s got your perfect playlist right this way.

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