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201612_blog_oc_0004_ocObsession: It seems as if our feeds these days are nothing but endless reminders about what a bummer 2016 was. And yeah, we get it. But, really, let’s give a nod to the power of positive thinking. We’re absolutely obsessed with this list of 21 groundbreaking, awesome-making, life-saving innovations that legit made the world a better place this year.

Confession: That being said, we’re definitely adding a ton of Prince, Bowie, and George Michael to our New Year’s Eve getting-ready playlists. Ahhhh.

We hope you have all kinds of sparkly plans this weekend to ring in the New Year, and whether that means throwing down or cozying up, that you spend your time doing what you hold dear. There is so much in this gorgeous world worth celebrating.

Happy New Year, darlings.



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