Meet our Muse: Carmel Snow

| Lingerie

There have always been “It” girls and there have always been taste-makers, but long before #OOTD, before the September Issue, before Editorial, hell, before photography, even, Fashion turned on the words of a few men in suits parsing the parties and the Paris shows and telling the world what style was. Our muse this month was one of the first women to change all that. Iconic editor (a pioneer, really) at Harpers Bazaar from 1933-1957, Carmel Snow was an unapologetically powerful woman at a pivotal time, a true original. Read on to meet our current muse…20161214_blog_post_meetoutmuse_carmelsnow
Why we love her: One of the first powerful female voices of the modern editorial age, Snow’s choices informed basically everything we know about Fashion today. From her use of ground breaking young photographers (Henri Cartier-Bresson, Martin Munkacsi, Richard Avedon) to take photo shoots out of the studio and into the world to her early adoption of graphic design, from her take-no-prisoners management style to her discovery of fellow icon Diana Vreeland, Snow’s influence trickles down to each and every glossy, lookbook, and street style blog today.

The P.O.V.: She believed that everything is fashion. Her choices in the pages of her magazine were made for “well-dressed women with well-dressed minds” (love), weaving narratives and beauty as much from the threads of design, art, literature, music, journalism, and technology as the must-have silhouettes from the runways.

Inspiration: Our favorite lingerie always nods to fashion, the trends and palettes endlessly referential, a wink, always to the past, and a brilliant bet on what the future might hold. And, just as lingerie references fashion, fashion always references history. Just as Carmel would have wanted. Our picks this season for pieces that are as forward-looking as they are iconic? Fleur of England’s Supernova Boudoir Bra, our own Journelle Bianca Teddy, and the Dear Bowie Kimono Robe.