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When it comes to adventure, we have a simple philosophy: “where to darling?” We might be the masters of the quick jetset packing— granted, it’s mostly lacy pretty things— and have itchy feet, but the ladies of chic luggage company Away have the travel bug to nth degree. How else can you explain why they’ve become the queens of the go-to carry-on? Their well-thought valises, complete with USB charger outlets and a built in laundry bag, are only missing a ticketing agent and a kickass Airbnb to complete your voyage. Jen and Steph have plenty of miles under their feet, so as adventurers ourselves, we had a lot to gab about, like what they look for in their lingerie (lacy! simple! soft!) or our shared obsession over sheet masks (they’re magical, we swear!). Check out what the Away ladies pack when they mean travel light and how these two Warby Parker alums started their own company.


Jen Rubio, Co-Founder & Creative Director
Steph Korey, Co-Founder & CEO

New York, New York

When did you first get the “travel bug?”
STEPH: My family has lived all over the world, including Dubai and London, so I grew up traveling and have always loved it.
JEN: My love for travel has been influenced so much by how my home base has changed every few years, and I consider those two things one and the same: a love for the world and my constantly changing place in it.

What inspired Away?
JEN: I always looked to my friends for recommendations, whether it’s the best place to grab a bite to eat in Tokyo or a new product. When I was in the market for a new set of luggage after mine broke down, my friends were only able to tell me what not to get. That’s when I called Steph and the rest is history.


Necessary extravagance/simple indulgence:
STEPH: I’m addicted to face masks. My latest obsession is sheet masks, but I’m really into all kinds. The Birchbox store in Soho separates products by category instead of brand, so I beeline straight to the mask section every time I walk in.
JEN: The plushest, coziest robe imaginable— definitely in fancy hotels, but also necessary to have at home.

Your lingerie style in three words…
JEN: Low-maintenance but lacy.
STEPH: Simple and soft.

Favorite place (in the world) for coffee? Wine?
STEPH: My favorite place isn’t far, I love Greecologies in Soho, the courtyard out back makes you feel like you’ve traveled.

Best. View. Ever. Is…
STEPH: Looking over the Pacific in Big Sur, the cliff terrain and ocean around you is so peaceful.


Most exotic place you’ve ever visited?
JEN: Not so sure about exotic, but the Democratic Republic of Congo was quite a trip. I was down there for some documentary work this summer with a non-profit that we work with, Peace Direct. Most remote? Camping and kayaking in Antarctica in 2011.

On your plane-ride playlist?
JEN: Currently, James Vincent McMorrow, Chopin’s Nocturnes, and the Hamilton Original Broadway Cast Recording. Over and over and over again.

List your travel must-haves.
JEN: A travel blanket for when the cabin air becomes chilly, travel socks, a pair of noise-cancelling headphones, and moisturizer!
STEPH: Since travel is the one time you become digitally dis-connected, printed reading material is a must. Also a moisturizer to combat the dry cabin air and a good pair of noise canceling headphone always helps.


Any tips for traveling— or packing -light?
JEN: I’m a fan of the 54321 rule. I can always make five days’ of outfits from four tops, three pants, two pairs of shoes, and a jacket or blazer. Always a good way to make sure you’re packing efficiently.

Where to next?
JEN: We’ve just opened the doors to our newest concept store in London with additional stores to follow in New York and Los Angeles before the end of the year. We’ll both be bouncing between cities for the next few months as we begin building out these spaces.

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