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One of our favorite things about lingerie (and we have lots of them) is that our underpinnings allow us to celebrate aspects of our personalities that were we to go all out and indulge all the way would honestly make us feel un petit peu ridiculous. For example, not everyone who’s feeling their inner diva can just pop out to the store in a full length silk dressing gown with marabou sleeves and not everyone who wants to gratify their inner rock star can pull off head to toe leather. Subtlety, darlings, subtlety. Channeling your personal diva or your rock-star-self by way of a subtly lovely and totally fierce lace and mesh bondage-inspired underwire that gives you both the full power of your true persona and the discretion to show it off at your leisure? Now that’s what we’re talking about. Our most recent lingerie obsession, the Lonely Lulu Underwire Bra, is perfectly capturing our lingerie feels right now. Here’s why we love it.

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