Meet Our Muse: Romy Schneider

| Life

We are constantly being inspired by the world around us – everything from fashion shows to film to our morning commute can spark something inside. However, as we’re a company run by women (amazing, badass women at that), what we find most inspiring are women (both real and fictional) from It Girls to artists to activists. Not only do these ladies influence they way we dress, the music we listen to, and the causes we stand for, they often serve as inspiration for our Journelle¬†Collection. Read on to meet our current muse….

Why We Love Her: It’s true her beauty and style were unparalleled, but Romy was more than just a pretty face and talented actress, she was an advocate for women’s rights.

Providence: Our heroine was born in Vienna, but followed her dreams to Paris (le sigh) at a young age to pursue acting.

Our inspiration: Our Romy demi bra is feminine, sophisticated and modern…just like its namesake.

By Bella Cacciatore