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Sometimes, a lingerie piece is such a stand out that it has to be shown off. We’re talkin’ strut down the street, wind blowing through our hair, feelin-myself vibes, even if we’re just headed to the bodega for that A.M. coffee to go—sidewalks are still our catwalks, no matter the errand. And no piece ever captured our innerwear-as-outerwear-loving-hearts quite like Marika Vera’s Y-Harness. We immediately gravitated to the simple-yet-bold accessory, trying it on and testing it out with all of our fave outfits: under a low v-neck t-shirt for Saturdays? A hint of a peek while sporting an unbuttoned button down? Over a blouse? Under a blouse? Would you? Could you? Do you dare? Yes, yes, and, yes, of course.

Slowly but surely, Journelles began sporting the bondage-wear in their daily ensembles, inspiring and infecting each other with the harness bug. As far as lingerie dressing went, it was one of those magical pieces that anyone could take and call their own. It’s the Y-harness after all. So Y-not? Check out how some of our very own rocked it below.

Georgette, Marketing + Product Coordinator


Why the harness?
Is it weird to say that my obsession on finding the right harness came from seeing a picture of Rihanna sporting a white leather one she got from a sex shop? It was this thing back in 2011 where you had music performers wearing it more often on stage, but I remember seeing photos of Rihanna wearing it down the sidewalk and thought, damn that’s cool.
Harness over? Harness under?
Maybe it’s because it’s my first harness, but I keep wearing it over my clothes. I don’t wear a lot of patterns, so I love that this adds more lines to what I’m wearing. Also, I think I’m still trying to do a Rihanna and not care and just be blatant about my harness.

Whitney, Junior Graphic Designer


What sold you on the harness?
For me I wasn’t sold until I saw the harness being worn and styled by Georgette! Seeing it on another person brought it life, and I immediately knew I had to own it because it’s nothing like anything I’ve ever owned before. I love putting emphasis in my accessories whether it’s a bright coral bag or an enormously long scarf just to make an outfit pop.

Your Styling MO?
I always like to add layers to my style. It could be layering in jewelry or articles of clothing. Whatever it is, I always try and add some sort of boldness such as saturated colors or a nice print. Keeping all of this in mind I still want to stay comfortable throughout the whole day!

Kelsey, Assistant Buyer

Why do you love the harness?
I love the harness because it’s an unexpected accessory. To me, this harness is like the choker’s older sister—she’s a little bit edgier and sexier. When the harness peeks out of an unbuttoned top, it creates a story. It’s up to me to decide what that story is.
How do you harness?
I tend to dress with a slightly masculine approach to clothing, but I still like to feel feminine. I wanted to find a good balance in my outfit today. My oversized top unbuttons perfectly show the Y shape of the harness and I think it adds a level of allure that would have otherwise definitely been missing. And because the harness is so edgy I thought ripped jeans and beat up sneakers would complete the look. For me, it’s all about balancing your look and feeling comfortable.

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