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You’re never too old to dress up in our books. While these days that might mean more stockings and suspenders than masks and capes, we’re never ones to shy away from putting the boo in boudoir…maybe that’s why Halloween has always been one of our favorite holidays? There’s a flavor to Halloween that goes way beyond the candy corn and Almond Joys. We can bring out our bolder, sassier, spunkier selves, all under the guise of “wearing a costume”, and for one night only, we can really let our impish selves out to play. In a costume rut yourself? There’s no need to lose your ghoul (sorry, we can’t help ourselves, just really in the spirit right now) there’s still time to throw together something sassy, sexy, or even just sleepy (see example below). Whether you’re in it for the thrill of a good scare or even the sweetness of those fun-sized Snickers, whether you have big party plans or don’t even plan on leaving the apartment, we have some seriously lovely ideas on how to suit up this Halloween.


Consider Halloween your chance to experiment with PJs as outerwear— also your chance to stay in your jammies and go out for the night (sort of like having your cake and eating it too). So if you consider yourself the queen of catnaps, than we suggest channeling all of that drowsy royalty into (who else) Sleeping Beauty. Sport the Journelle Charlotte cami and shorts with the right accessories and sleep mask (Bey would be so proud) and voila! You’re prepared for a night out for tricks or a night in for some treats.

NecklaceShoesTiara, Lipstick


Cue Eye of the Tiger because you’re ready to take your lingerie dressing to the next level. Channel a champion in the Else Petunia Halter Sporty Bra, silk Journelle Coco Robe, and handwraps—not boxing gloves because we don’t want anything in the way of our cocktails or Halloween candy of course. All you need is some athletic touches: shorts, the right kicks, a heavyweight belt… and obviously a one-two-pow.

Shoes, Shorts, Champion Belt, Hand Wraps


We love any reason to wear a bodysuit, and Halloween is no exception. We’re thinking the Signature by Marika Vera Peggy Bodysuit, add a sweatshirt, legwarmers, the right heels with matching lipstick—and bam. We knew we wanted to channel our favorite wielder by day and dancer by night with a Flashdance costume, and what better excuse to prance around a leotard and request “Maniac” all night? Chair and dramatic water dousing not included.

SweatshirtLeg warmersShoesLipstickEarrings

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