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Full disclosure: I have more lingerie than clothing. I’m well aware that I work at a lingerie company, and thus it’s some sort of job requirement (occupational hazard to my accountant), but still my collection borders on obscenity. Still…I’ve no plans to reign in my addiction. And particularly when it comes to our AW16 Collection designed by our creative director, Rania Abu- Eid. If possible, this collection of bold laces in a rich, dramatic palette is as good as it gets. We peek into her inspiration below. And my addiction grows…

What inspired the color palette for this season?

Fall tends to evoke a sense of nostalgia for me. I love the romanticism and moodiness it brings. In the palette there’s always a lovely play on the light and dark, delicate versus graphic. You’ll see the most subtle color in a capsule like Anais in Petal which plays beautifully next to a capsule like Allegra in Dark Sky. I’m also excited for the rich Cerise color coming in later in the season. There’s nothing like a classic rich cherry red in lingerie. Of course, Noir is always an iconic color in the palette as well.

We have often debated if lingerie is actually seasonal, what makes this collection distinctly fall?

There’s a certain richness and heritage in the fabrics selected, especially with the fall and winter seasons in mind. The boldness in the laces and colors are each selected to play a starring role in the new season. There are so many special moments that fall and winter bring, so this capsule captures those moments. In a capsule such as Sofia, there’s a mix of two fabrics that feels distinctly like fall in Paris at dusk. You’re walking along the Seine and the sun sets, the lights twinkle in all their glory…that’s Sofia. What excites me the most is that all of the capsules also feel like classically beautiful additions that sit nicely in your lingerie wardrobe year around.

Almost every piece in the collection has a woman’s name, how do you decide on this?

I’m especially inspired by icons of vintage Italian and French Cinema as well as many strong inspiring females that I’m lucky to know. So the names are often a tribute to the spirit they represent.

Do you have a favorite piece in this collection?

No favorites here— I love them all.

by Allison Beale

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  • Allison,

    Loved your article about the new Fall 2016 collection! Paris at dusk evokes such strong memories for me traveling. Journelle seems like a wonderfully creative and inspiring place to work, and I was considering putting in my portfolio for a graphic design position. Could you tell me anything more about the company culture?

    Thanks for the great article,

    Leia Sopata

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