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Other than the obvious— sundresses, rooftop parties, ice cream for dinner—our favorite thing about summer is the way things seem to sloooow dooooown. The city quiets down and empties out and those who choose to stay  switch speed walking for a leisurely stroll, if only to avoid wilting in the humidity. Perhaps it’s the heat or maybe the way rosé is always flowing, but it can seem like the world is melting, and time drags in the best possible way. Coincidentally, this is the same feeling we get when falling for someone, hard. That flippy-floppy stomach, the butterflies, and the way the world stops turning just for a second, and it’s just the two of you. Weather it’s just a crush or a long time love, summer has a way of amplifying the feels. There’s no better time for romantic beach getaways (complete with the occasional dip under the moonlight), impromptu date nights on a romantic rooftop with the skyline twinkling behind you, or staying inside with as little clothing possible (by Netflix and Chill we mean literal chill, like AC cranked high and layers are off chill, get your mind out of the gutter). Aiming to capture that smoochy, sunny love drunk feeling? Look no further for the soundtrack to your summer of love.

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