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When Marika Vera’s collection arrived at our office, it sent a ripple of excitement through the team reminiscent of the day the Bordelle Gallardia body made its debut. We we carefully unpacked the boxes from Mexico City, pulses were racing, straps were flying, and a dozen pairs of hands immediately reached for the ouvert briefs. Exclamations of “Modern!” “Sleek!” “Feminine!” “Naughty!” were tossed around as wish lists were made. A fan favorite was born. Marika’s designs are a little edgy, a little cheeky, a little dangerous … and a lot feminine. Read on to learn more about where she finds her inspiration and her first lingerie crush.

Most Likely to Cut Class

Hometown: Mexico City, MX

Known For: Clean lines, cutouts, and modern femininity  

Inspiration: I am always on the search for what’s happening in the world of fashion, music, art, design and travel. I recently just returned from a two-week trip to Berlin. There is this sense of openness around sexuality and expression there—it’s really opened my mind.  

Her Audience: My designs are made for the modern woman of today that has a natural approach to sensuality.



First lingerie love: My mother’s drawer full of silk camisoles and French knickers. My dad used to travel a lot for work and silk pajamas were always the souvenir he would get for mom. I used to ask her to let me wear them to sleep.

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