Adina Reay Proves You Can Have it All

| Lingerie


We’ve always been suckers for a full-on glamorous, vintage-inspired silhouette, which means we were more-than-excited to find Adina Reay‘s luxurious underpinnings – a collection so over-the-top glamorous any classic screen siren would covet it. The fact that Adina Reay specializes in – and only in – large cup silhouettes means we fell head-over-heels in love.

Until now, bigger cups and pure luxury weren’t always happy bedmates, which makes this find even sweeter. The tables had turned— those of us in the smaller cup range were envious of those who could fill these beautifully designed bras— which is not the first time the brand heard this. Adina Reay’s mission of marrying top-notch technology with specialty materials and feminine designs is like a perfect match of beauty and brains. The pieces are architectural, sheer and delicately feminine, making them positively lustworthy. Read ahead to learn why founder Sharon Lake started the brand as a way to fall in love with lingerie all over again….and again.


The Brand: Adina Reay

Voted: Most Supportive

Hometown: London, England

Known For: Technologically-sound, luxurious (and stunning!) silhouettes for larger cups

Inspiration: Our inspiration comes from wanting to design beautiful pieces that even women below our size range want to wear.

Bragging Rights: When you look at our garments, you wouldn’t immediately know they were made for sizes DD to G. We get enquiries from ladies asking if our lingerie could be made in a smaller cup size…that is when we know we have achieved what we wanted to.

Best advice you have ever received: To be uncompromising on quality. If you make something to your own highest standards you can always stand behind what you make.


 First lingerie love: A La Perla basque that my parents bought for me on my 16th birthday. It was so delicate and felt so special. I wore it on the outside of course (‘bit of a goth at the time), but six years later, I wore it on my first real date with my now husband. It still hangs in my wardrobe and still has the ability to make me smile. I’m hoping someone will bring it back to life one day.

Her story: My father was a bespoke tailor, so I grew up understanding how clothing can affect the way you feel about yourself, your mood, and your confidence. As I grew beyond the 32DD range I fell completely out of love with lingerie. In 2013, I decided to start Adina Reay, so that I could fall in love all over again.