The Getaway Bride Packing List

| Lingerie


I love the idea of an elopement. It sounds whirlwind romantic and has that added zest of adventure and innocent naughtiness that would make a Jane Austen heroine blush. So I’m always happy to help a getaway bride with her last minute trousseau, which, depending on circumstance, time frame, and destination might range from something as simple as an impromptu (something) blue panty purchase en route to the courthouse to maybe a full on matching set that’s uber-pretty and jet-set ready.

Right off the bat, we should acknowledge that planning a wedding is hard. But you know what else is hard? Packing. Packing is really friggin’ hard, and I say this as a serial overpacker turned into a shamed under-packer (there’s only so many times a girl can take the good natured heckling from my fellow travel companions, y’know?). So I feel your pain Getaway Bride. I get you. So I give you: The Getaway Bride’s Packing List. Our way of relieving some of that pre-nuptial stress. Of course, this only covers your lingerie needs. For everything else we suggest you ask that newly minted spouse of yours to lend a hand.

The Full Set

Just because you’re on-the-go does not mean you need to forsake that special bridal set. White, lace, or maybe something neon and bright (you do you when it comes to your bridal lingerie)— just be sure to pack everything carefully, and don’t forget stockings!

The Something Blue

Superstition demands it. Also, you can’t possibly say, “no” to pretty blue panties.

The Something Naughty

Trust us. The peek-a-boo panty. That all lace bodysuit. That strappy bralette. It sounds risky (well, actually more risqué) but it’s well worth the teensy bit of extra room in the suitcase.

The Travel-sized Lingerie Wash

You’ll thank your past self for throwing this tiny bottle of magic in your suitcase when you run out of clean skivvies. It just always happens. Always.

The Flirty Lounge Piece

After all of that travel and the mini ‘do with close friends and family, you and your newly anointed spouse are going to want to just hang out in your PJ’s only with each other. That’s all you wanted in the first place.


by Georgette Eva