Style File: Journelle Juliette Demi Bra

| Lingerie

Though we have our share of pulse-quickening lingerie flings (the longline, the bralette, the boudoir stunner, just to name a few of our current summer romances) our eternal love affair will always be the demi bra. The word “demi” means “half,” and traditional demi bras are like the Goldilocks of perfect half-cup coverage—not too much, not too little, juuuust right. And we’ve seen firsthand from our years of fitting room experience that the demi bra’s straight-across, subtly sweetheart neckline is essentially universally flattering across silhouettes and size ranges. What’s not to love? The classic shape transcends season and style, and our go-to for this summer’s steamy temps is our own light and airy deco-inspired Journelle Juliette Demi Bra. Here’s why we love it.