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20160727_Blog_OC_1Obsession: Eggs Benedict, 1971. Crème Brûlée, 1982. Kale, 2015. We’re obsessed with this year-by-year breakdown of food obsessions + trends (and we’re so glad that the Snackwell’s low-fat craze of the early 90’s has been soundly trounced by 2013’s cronut).

Confession: Between weddings, backyard BBQ’s, and stoop hangs, we’ve been spending lots of time this summer with our friends’ awesome kiddoes. True confession, we love hanging with them, but we feel like we never quiiite know what to say to them. Loving this short list of things specifically to say to little girls that aren’t about their looks. “Do you like books?” BRAVO (and, smh, duh).

Have a beautiful weekend, darlings.


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