Obsessions + Confessions

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Obsession: We are pretty much obsessed with this. Because after we end violence against girls, break the glass ceiling, and wrangle paid parental leave, we also really really really wanna zigazig-ahhh.

Confession: With our summer reading lists in full effect (we are currently reading this and this is next on our list) we find ourselves in a bit of a bind. Though we love nothing more than popping out onto the fire escape or lounging directly in front of a fan with our beloved book-of-the-moment, sometimes we want to get out of the house. And while we are certainly not above posting up solo at our neighborhood bistro bar with a glass of rosé (obvi), we always seem to get interrupted by cuties asking what we’re reading (we know, we know, what a terrible problem). So, we confess to being intrigued by this Silent Book Club, where you go out as a group to read quietly. Is this just crazy enough to work?

Have a lovely weekend, darlings.