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We’re firm believers in opposites attracting—a little high meets a little low y’know? We wash our faces with Neutrogena before slathering them with Sunday Riley, take the subway to a fancy dinner, and let our La Perla bras peek out of H&M t-shirts. Not only is it smart, but the combination of high and low (be it class or price points) is both charming and unexpected. Our favorite combo. And our new variation on this favorite theme? The Rosé Slushy. Much classier (and more delicious) than slipping a little booze into a 7-Eleven Slurpee, this is the best iteration of after-dinner-drinks-meets-after-dinner-sweets. After all, why choose? Now we can have our cake and eat—er, drink, it too.


We can’t wait to slurp these down until labor day rocking the Heidi Klum Opal Dream Underwire Bra and Bikini under our sundresses.

Rosé Slushy


Bottle of Rosé
4 oz Belvoir Elderflower & Rose lemonade
Ice Cubes
Sprig of Lavender


Freeze bottle of rosé in ice cube trays (overnight). Combine frozen rosé, Belvoir Rose Elderflower and a handful of ice cubes in a blender. Blend until all ice cubes have been crushed and when it’s at your desired consistency. Serve in a cute coupe with a sprig of lavender.

Recipe and image from here.

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