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We have dubbed this summer the summer of the one-piece. Despite the fact that we have been the bodysuit’s number one fan for years, one-pieces are popping up on beaches and off-duty models everywhere. And we couldn’t be more pleased. Perfect for the days when we simply have nothing to wear (despite our overflowing closets) or have hit the snooze button one (or two…) too many times. Bodysuits are just as easy to pull on as our favorite band shirts, yet feel just that much more special and sexy.  We already addressed the major questions you might mull over before purchasing, but if you’re clueless on how to style after taking the plunge, allow us to step in. Whether you are a one-piece novice or a bodysuit aficionado, you can learn a thing or two about one-step dressing. Get ready to wow.



Ease your way into the world of bodysuits with one that resembles your favorite tee. Because it is one piece, it stays perfectly tucked into a high waisted skirt, and the simple cut of the Alex Stanton gives you room to play with accessories like a fun wicker bag and studded boots.

bag, boots, lipstick, skirt



OK, so you’ve already mastered the art of using the bathroom in a bodysuit, and you’re ready to take your one piece game to the next level. This lacey Else body takes center stage while boyfriend jeans and a jacket keep you from feeling too exposed. Add white sneakers and a stack of rings for extra cool points.

jeans, sneakers, jacket, perfume20160725_Blog_Bodysuits_Expert



A true bodysuit expert knows it’s possible to make a NSFW piece work outside the bedroom with some clever styling. Layer the Natalia under a sheer silk blouse with a low neckline for just the right amount of lace (and skin). Denim shorts and fuzzy shoes keep it playful, and red lips put all the focus on you.

blouse, shorts, shoes, lipstick 

by Bella Cacciatore

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