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Neon has been so much in the forefront of our minds (and lingerie drawers) that as of this moment, it isn’t so much a trend but a summer staple. Like sunscreen, sandals, and sand we’re naturally inclined to certain things once the weather gets warm, the days grow long, and the layers become (blessedly) less. Maybe that’s why we’re drawn to neon and bold laces once the hot season hits. With slinky tops, peek-a-boo blouses, and sheer tanks on outfit rotation, we’re going to take full advantage of the opportunity to give peeks here and there (though, if we’re honest, we’ll wear bold undies and bright bras under three layers of cashmere, even if it is just our little secret).

So why neon? It’s refreshing. It’s new. It’s bold. And besides, there’s a great sense of accomplishment in building an outfit from the lingerie-up. Almost like a juice cleanse, a bright pink bra and bottoms can break us out of a funk (read: the last bitingly cold days of winter and this long, wet “spring”) and give us renewed energy and (closet) inspiration. Plus, different bold shades look amazing on every skin tone, perfect for sun worshipers and SPF-goddesses alike.

And, yes, while we admit that, like the rest of our New York compatriots, we’re probably outfitted similarly in neutrals and black on most days (our natural thought process being, “what looks good with black? Black!” Genius, we know.), adding a pop of color via our underpinnings is a great way to break out of that habit and start celebrating summer on the right espadrille-clad foot. We do it with our makeup all the time: a bold lip, a bright manicure, a cool eyeliner. We’re daring you to level up your lingerie game and embrace the same punchy palettes for your underpinnings.

Be bright. Get bold. Shop our choices for brighter palettes here.

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