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As one of our favorite screen sirens once said “Too much of a good thing can be fabulous.” After we did our last round-up of iconic lingerie moments in film, basically as soon as we hit “post” we were reminded of all the gorgeous scenes left on the cutting room floor (how could we have forgotten the opening scene of Lost in Translation!?). In #lingerielife as in film, sometimes one just isn’t enough, and a sequel is called for. So, we present part deux of our series. Like all good sequels, it’s bigger, better, and lacier than ever (though, sadly, big-budget action sequences and explosions weren’t in our budget…this time around at least). So, sit back, relax, and read on for more of our favorite movie magic (and how to cop the looks you love for your next movie night). Action.


Scarface, 1983

The slinky sartorial foil to our other favorite mob wife, Mrs. Mia Wallace, Michelle Pfeiffer’s after-hours glam wardrobe gives us serious lingerie heart-eyes. We basically want to live in each and every one of her plunging, flowy getups. Practically dripping in dangerous opulence, she almost makes us wish we could teleport to Miami in the early 80’s. Almost. While her blue-green mermaid dress is a classic, we’re partial to this breezy white set. The look: Journelle Charlotte Camisole, Journelle Charlotte Tap Short 

20160408_Blog_FilmInspo_PrettyWomanPretty Woman
, 1990

Don’t think too closely about the plot. Just think about Julia Roberts, her hair, Richard Gere, his hair, and the pitfalls of working on commission while also being a jerk. Think about the fabulous outfits. Think about the Arsenio-Hall-whoop-at-the-polo-match. Think about the hand-getting-snapped-in-the-jewel-box-laugh. Think about the classic post-bath-on-top-of-the-piano scene. Then recreate. The look: Journelle Vanesa Chemise 


Weird Science, 1985

It wasn’t always so easy for pale, hoodie-wearing dudes to kick it with supermodel-type babes. Back before nerds ruled the world (ie: the 80’s), computer geniuses had to fend for themselves. In one of the, ahem, weirder John Hughes movies out there, two geeks take fate into their own hands (and charmingly antiquated Linux systems) and code their dream girl into existence. And apparently, the 80’s dream babe to end all dream babes comes out looking like a cross between Jane Birkin and Kathy Ireland and rocking the perfect combo of sporty and sexy. The Look: Eberjey Cozy Rib Long Sleeve Tee, Evollove Sheer Whisper Midi Brief 

20160408_Blog_FilmInspo_TheNotebookThe Notebook, 2004

Uh, yeah. And no matter how many times we watch The Notebook we can’t help but crying, just a little, every time. It’s just so silly and it’s just so awesome. The epic romance, the classic time period, the serious eye candy (we mean, wasn’t this basically the birth of “Hey, Girl?”). While underpinnings don’t take a starring role in this film, the costuming is absolutely fabulous. Our favorite lingerie moment is in fact a bathing suit. Allie’s bright bathing suit top is cheerful and perfect for summer (and, perhaps, starting a torrid summer romance of your own). The Look: Only Hearts Midnight Daisy Bralette 


Lost in Translation, 2003

The sheer bikini that started it all. This instant-classic tale of disconnection and ennui (another prime example of things sounding better in French. Bored? Meh. Ennui? well, aren’t we just a sophisticated intellectual going through an existential crisis) begins with perhaps our most-beloved-ever opening shot. Director Sophia Coppola was inspired by the hyper-realistic paintings of artist John Kacere (which perfectly mirror ScarJo’s hyper-realistic bum) to create the hazy feel of the film and establish it as a visual stunner right off the bat. The Look (and the actual bottoms featured in the shot): OnGossamer Solid Mesh Hip Bikini .

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