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Obsession: It’s the 25th anniversary of Thelma & Louise. Our love of this movie extends well beyond our affection for polaroid selfies, desert lady-style, and young Brad Pitt (but seriously). We’re obsessed with this breakdown of why the iconic film was so groundbreaking, cut-offs and all.

Confession: We love summer parties. Rosé, killer tunes, breezy dresses, and, of course, the perfect party nosh. We think we’re going to up our game and try making this amazing giant party pretzel from scratch. And, if the thought of turning on our ovens on a hot summer’s night or using lye (which the recipe calls for) makes us a little nervous, we think we’ll just have to decamp for JULIA CHILD’S HOUSE IN FRANCE (now available for rent on Airbnb). What a world.

Have a delicious weekend, darlings.



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