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Obsession: Oh, sometimes the simplest, silliest things are the best: can you tell which is an M&M and which is a Skittle? As Skittle-obsessives, we got 6 out of 7, which, as far as we’re concerned, means it’s time to hone our craft.

Confession: We don’t like to get political. We like to drink rosé and wear lovely lingerie and laugh for hours with our besties while the sun stretches on, golden into the late twilights (see: tonight’s plans). But everything that’s been happening for the previous tumultuous weeks/months/years (um, decades if we’re really thinking about it?? ugh.) we’ve felt a little unmoored, frozen by inactivity, not sure what we can actually do outside of signing some online petition (and, of course, voting, which we do religiously), we were so pleased to find this site that lists how all of our senators voted on background checks and then gives the number at which they can be reached if you’d like to tell them how you feel about their decision. Forget Keep Calm and Carry On, we must confess to taking great heart in even this, the smallest of tangible actions.

Have that rosé-lingerie-sunlit weekend, darlings, and don’t let the world get you down,


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