The Mother of All Posts

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Let’s be honest, Mom, we’re never going to not feel bad about putting you through those awkward teen years, the Beanie Baby craze (Thank you for braving the mall crowds for what we know – now – was a ridiculous stuffed animal fad.), and those arguments over skirt lengths. But we know (and knew then, despite our dramatic tantrums) that you always really did know best, and we’re thankful that you were always there to kiss our scrapes and bruises, to hug us and keep the monsters at bay, and to give it to us straight when we needed it— someone had to and not many people had the ovaries to correct our stubborn selves but you certainly did. Thank you, Mom, for everything. We really should say it all day, every day, but we’re going to start with a hug, a kiss, brunch, all the flowers we can carry, and a little R&R for you. So, thanks mom. Thanks for all of it. And also, for all that is to come because of the women you molded us to be. Happy Mother’s Day. We love you infinitely.




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