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20160527_STAYCATION_BlogOh holiday weekends…how we love thee. But we’ll be the first to admit you’re not without your own set of pressures and stresses.  To travel or not to travel? To go with the group or indulge in some much-needed solo time? Now we love a road trip as much as anyone, but this Memorial Day we’re gonna wave goodbye to the #squad and play tourist (or not) in our own city. Spa day with rosé? Yes way. Seamless without shame? Bring it. Hotel living? Go for it. The world is literally your oyster. Below, our guide to staycationing in style. Here’s to a happy, somewhat healthy, stress-free holiday.

1. There must be lingerie. We recommend something silk, because, well if you can’t shirk practicality during your staycation, when can you?
2. Hydration in every sense of the word is key. Stocking up on rosé is a no brainer. Stocking up on Sakara’s Beauty Water (Take a sip and tell us you don’t feel more beautiful.) should be. Make this your new morning go-to.
3. Keep your beachy, bedhead hair game strong. Remember, Instagram. Our pick: Herbivore Coconut Sea Mist. It’s literally a tropical vacation in a bottle.
4. Don’t skimp on reading material. A staycation should be a vacation from your usual routine (We’re looking at you Netflix.) Get into a book…or three.
5. Overindulge in your beauty routine. Standard staycation checklist should go like this: Robe? Check. Mask? Check.
6. Set the mood with a killer playlist. And don’t be afraid to crank to e-lev-en.

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