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Summer, the big ol’ tease, is right around the corner— meaning longer days, less layers, and more sun. Not to mention more reason to indulge in that chilled glass of rosé al fresco. But if there’s one thing that those first truly heated days of the year brings, it’s our wanderlust, so we were thinking . . . road trip, anyone? The more last minute: the better.

Blame it on Kerouac and Thompson, but there’s nothing that captures our hearts more than a long drive with just the #squad and those endless stretches of pure heartlands— the possibilities simply follow suit. Now, obviously we have some hard and fast rules when it comes to a road trip, because we’re nothing if not organized: sunglasses on at all times, all windows open (or top down for those lucky enough to live that convertible life), random pit stops are encouraged (Biggest ball of string in the country? Best waffles this side of the Blue Ridge Parkway? Hit the brakes pronto.), and most of all, a kick-ass playlist is mucho necessary. From those family road trips where mom and dad blared the Eagles all the way up to those college Spring Break adventures with the latest Top 40 thumping through the whole car, a playlist sets the mood (not to mention the memories) for the entire ride. So stock up on snacks (the junkier, the better), load up the trunk, and crank out our favorite tunes. You’re ready to hit the road babes.

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