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If there’s one thing I’m happy to see make a triumphant comeback to my closet (and our collective hearts, although we can argue that it never left in the first place) it’s the tried-and-true bodysuit. Next to my favorite go-to slip dress, I would say that my bodysuit is one of the only things in my wardrobe that gets as much mileage as my t-shirt bra. With jeans, with a skirt, under that sheer dress, under that sheer top, under those overalls (my second favorite comeback, swoon), the styling possibilities could very well go on forever, because it’s got what I like to call the TLC factor: they’re crazy, sexy, and cool (see also: overalls). Plus, you look so put together in a completely no-I-didn’t-hit-snooze-on-my-alarm-three-times-before-rushing-to-get-coffee sort of way. There are none of those morning routine time-wasters like that artful but effortless shirt-almost-not-quite-tucked-in, sleeve rolling, or that thing about wearing a turtleneck over your hair that we could never seem to get 100% right. And yes, of course there are bodysuit concerns—anyone who has worn a bodysuit, balanced a big tote bag on their shoulder, and used a bar bathroom at the same time would understand—but it’s nothing that a savvy, stylish person can’t handle.

As a proponent of the bodysuit movement, I always seem to play 21 questions when I go out in one—and 19 of them are about going to the bathroom. I like to think of these as “questions from future bodysuit consumers who are doing their homework before they invest in their soon-to-be favorite piece.” So I figured it’s time to clear the confusion on the bodysuit. It feels like new fashion territory but if Kendall and Gigi can do it, why can’t you?  Well, OK, so they’re “models” with a million followers on their Instagram accounts but that shouldn’t intimidate us! Besides, what’s life without a little (fashion) risk?

Q: Don’t you feel like you’re wearing a onesie?

A: Not really. Maybe I did the first time, but since then, it feels more like wearing a full lingerie set, like a little secret to myself. Besides, when you say onesie, all I can think is comfy PJs, and who wouldn’t love wearing that all day?

Q: So . . . how do you go to the bathroom? Are there buttons, or do you just . . . pull it to the side?

A: This is the top question every time I wear a bodysuit! Most one pieces have snaps on the bottom (super easy), and for the ones that don’t, I just slip it off, like wearing a romper or overalls.

Q: So you have to get 100% naked every time you go to the bathroom?

A: Only if I’m lucky. Ha. No, it really is like wearing a romper or overalls. Just pull it off and on. Easy-peasy. Now, bodysuit + overalls? That’s advanced bathroom metrics. I think you can figure it out, though.

Q: No, but really, how can you feel sexy if you’re feeling a onesie?

A: I love my bodysuit because it feels extra luxurious, looks fitted, and is lovely and lacy. It’s the perfect trifecta to make anyone feel snazzy and sexy. Wearing one gives you that bit of confidence every step. Also, it’s the perfect tuck. No bunching, no re-tucking, just smooth, super-woman layers.

Q: But really, how can you get out of that easily?

A: I always make sure to invest in bodysuits that have a bit of stretch, don’t have too much fuss with buttons or ties, and usually have snaps near the gusset. I don’t want to cause any trouble for Future Me, so I want to keep everything pretty wearable and easy. Pick one you’re comfortable with but also one that inspires some gorgeous outfit ideas.

Q: Do I wear a bra with it? What about underwear?

A: There are different schools of thought for this one. I have friends who do and friends who just love the least amount of layers as possible. During the summer, I definitely gravitate towards the latter school of thought. In bodysuits as in life, you do you. If you want the extra support, it’s totally fine to wear a bra with your favorite one piece. Bottoms too if you feel the need. There aren’t hard or fast rules. The beauty of the bodysuit is that there’s more than one way to wear that one piece.

So what are you waiting for? It’s time to get started with the bodysuit. Other burning bodysuit questions we didn’t address? Tweet us a line @shopjournelle, we’re always happy to help out.

By Georgette Eva

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