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20160412_MR_FONGS_BLOG_1 copyTuesday doesn’t usually find us taste-testing tequila (say that five times fast) cocktails. Quite the opposite actually. Yet, between our morning barre and evening walk we found ourselves—by invitation—at Mr. Fong’s, our favorite, new(ish) watering hole and the latest in a long line of killer spots opening in the super south pocket of Manhattan known as Two Bridges. Blink and you really will miss the unmarked (but not in a pretentious faux-speakeasy way) door on the desolate-after-dark street corner of Madison and Market Streets. If you miss it, trust us, you will be sorry. For inside the sliiiightly worn exterior is a dark, handsome, and casually-stylish-in-all-the-right-ways interior packed with downtown characters you actually want to see (Artists! Musicians! People speaking French!) and brimming with cocktails so delicious you will leave talking about them. And then return to drink more of them. Here we land on the darkly romantic, Tequila + Flowers, so good, so lovely, and so naughty (yet manages to still smell like a rose). Which, we hope, is what they say about us.

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Co-owner and artist, Lucas Moran, gave us the scoop on how to create the cocktail at home. Hint: Leave the rolled sleeves, precious moustache, and muddled seasonal whatever out; there’s no room for pretension in this drink…or bar, for that matter. Recipe below. We recommend pairing with this summer number.

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Tequila + Flowers
2oz ancho-chile infused tequila*
2oz seltzer
1/2 oz floral syrup**
1/2 oz lemon juice
Add tequila, seltzer, syrup and citrus to high-ball glass over ice. Garnish with dried roses.

*To infuse Tequila
For every 12 liters of tequila (brand preference?) use 1/2 lb of dry ancho chiles (you can find at your local market)
Let steep for four to six hours to infuse.
Will keep for 2 weeks
**Floral Syrup
1qt raw turbinado sugar
1qt water
12 oz dried hibiscus
6 oz dried jasmine
6 oz dried roses
Mix above ingredients in pot over low heat until mixture takes on a floral flavor; about 40 minutes. Strain through a fine mesh strainer or a colander lined with cheese cloth. Reserve syrup. Discard flowers.

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