The year of the leap

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2016229LeapYearBlogToday is February 29th. Leap year. We like to think of this extra day as a collection of the moments we let pass us by throughout the last four years, as an accumulation of extra time, a heap of missed connections, long pauses that never became kisses, of letters never written, of chances. All rolled into one extra day. We intend to make the most of it. French fries for breakfast, the full matching set, bon bons for lunch, considering writing the ex-lover to tell them we are officially over it and then reconsidering that perhaps that moment has actually passed (and that is, once and for all, a good thing). Champagne for dinner, stargazing at the single star over our naked city for dessert, putting away our phones and taking the time, breathing in deeply the wild, wide, and beautiful world full of opportunity and possibilities. Cheers to the next four years, darlings, the future starts…NOW.


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