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Obsession: We are OBSESSED with Pumpkin the Racoon. We just. can’t. even. That is all.

Confession: If you’re anything like us you have a few (dozen/hundred/million) emails waiting for responses (here’s looking at you long-lost college friend who reached out with that super heartfelt email about how awesome it was to see us briefly and reconnect at that wedding last week). Ahhhh. We just haven’t had the time to put together the right response yet because we’ve been answering the other dozen/hundred/million emails that we don’t actually care about but must respond to. We must confess to being pretty intrigued by gmail’s “Canned Responses” function. Might this allow us to streamline all the emails that don’t require our attention and focus on the ones that really do? Would you do it? Intrigued.

Have a relaxing weekend, darlings (hopefully free of email mountains),


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